A southern girl at heart, I have a deep, spiritual connection to biscuits and honey. You can usually find me snuggled under a blanket, working from my laptop while watching the Great British Baking Show. 

I'm Jacqueline!

hi friend!

i'm a photographer, writer, traveler
and confetti aficionado

Event planner

Anything with Gordon Ramsay

Anthropologie. Kate Spade. 

To see all the pandas in the US

New Orleans

Paper Rings. Taylor Swift (always) 

alternate job

Guilty pleasure

take my money

Random Goal

Fave Destination

Personal Jam

This guy.

Just a few of the things that are prominently featured in my life.


I have a thing for neon


Lo and CLo


always, always, and aways


We're getting hitched under a great big tree in New Orleans in just a couple months! 

I can't explain it, but if there's a cool neon sign at your place of biz, I am your target customer.

Wearing pants is not really my thing. But I won't show up in yoga pants to your wedding, I swear.

Lola and Clover run around our little house and some day they will be friends and go on adventures, but for now they just tolerate each other. 


Love it

Hate it

Puppies. Lots of puppies.


Street Tacos.

Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream.

My mama.

T. Swift. All day, e'ry day.

Waiting in line.

Rude people. Just be nice!

Cilantro. Eww. 

Doing laundry.

Tuna fish. YUCK.