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Are you the memory-keeper in your family?

Taking photos of your family and friends is a special task. When you snap a photo of someone, you're not just taking an image, you're making a memory. You're saving a magical little moment that you can revisit through the years. Isn't that magical? The photos we take can tell so many stories of who we are, who we love, where we go and what makes us, well, us. 

With my help, you can take photos that beautifully capture your loved ones' everyday moments - using just your iPhone. Create images you're proud to post, hang on your walls and some day pass down. 

You want better photos of your family, but you're not a pro. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

You get just a little bit jealous when you see those instagram-perfect photos of other families. 


You want to decorate your walls with candid photos of your loved ones, but they don't turn out like you envision in your head.


You're not sure how to use all the features of your iPhone to make it work for you. 


Kids are kids and they won't sit still or smile when you say "cheese!"


I've been photographing everything from portraits to weddings for more than ten years. And in that time, I've seen just about everything. People always tell me that my "camera takes such good pictures," but that's not what makes my photos shine. It's practice and simple techniques that help me know what to look for. 

You've got a seasoned photographer ready to share her tricks.


In this 30-page e-book, I break down the settings to adjust on your phone (and how to use them), as well as general photography tips to help you improve your shots. This is for the causal photographer who doesn't need to understand how cameras work, just how to get a good photo.
Simple steps and illustrations will get you there. 

The iPhone Photo Handbook:
Friends & Family Edition


Here's What You'll Learn

Lets break it down

How to make your iphone work for you


Your phone has more capability than you probably utilize. We'll start off by getting you set up for success by sharing the settings I use and the features you might be skipping. We'll also cover how to get things in focus, and when to use features like the self-timer.

Photography 101


I've invested a lot in photography education over the years, and I break all that knowledge into easy-to-understand steps in this book. I'll spare you the technical details and just give you the tips that will improve your photos. We'll cover how to find good light, pick better backgrounds and flatter every person.

Photographing Kids


Kids are fast and moody - that's why they get a whole section in this book. I'll share my tips for getting better photos of little ones - including how to get them to smile. (And not do that fake smile. You know the one.)

try some of the tips as you read, while there's no pressure. Then you'll be ready to capture those picture-perfect moments when they happen.



You can read the book on your phone, ipad or computer. The best part is, it's yours to come back to when you need a refresher.



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Get my guide for organizing your photos!

Order the photo handbook today and I'll include my handy guide for organizing all those photos on your phone. Wouldn't you like to be able to find what you need, when you need it? Learn my system for organization and sharing so you can treasure your memories without the hassle of endless scrolling. 


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"We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone."

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I've been shooting portraits and weddings since way back in 2009, and my love for photographing awesome people just keeps growing. Long before that, I was just a kid with a camera chasing the dog around the yard and asking him to smile. What? I was 5. 

If you're wondering why a pro photographer would want to teach others to take their own photos, the answer is simple. I can't be there every day. I won't be there for every milestone or important moment, but you will. And so will your phone. Snap your everyday photos and I'll still be here to take the stress out of wedding days and family portraits.

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You want to capture better photos of your kids

You're a little bit jealous of those instagram-perfect families

You're a seasoned photographer

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You don't use an iphone

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