Lexington Wedding with Rifle Paper Co. Inspiration

If you need an example of how to roll with the punches when COVID-19 ruins your original wedding plans, look no further than Katlynn and Matthew. These two changed wedding dates, locations, guests lists… everything. What didn’t change was how special the day would be. 

Instead of a traditional venue, the couple decided to have their ceremony on a family farm near Lexington, KY. They had a handful of loved ones present. 

The bride decided to get ready at The Campbell House Hotel in Lexington. It’s a beautiful venue with all the Kentucky flavor you’d come to expect in horse country. 

Instead of muted tones and monochrome vibes, this wedding celebrated the couple’s personality with lots of color! Rifle Paper Co. Keds on the bride (and a bowtie to match on the groom) set the stage for other fun details throughout the day. 

The couple’s dog, Campbell, made adorable appearances throughout the day. Do you see that fresh floral collar she has?? Ya’ll, if you have a well-behaved doggo, please include it in your wedding. It’s such a fun addition to the celebration. 

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a major shout out to Aisle and Veil in Atlanta, where Katlynn found her dream dress. She did a FOUR HOUR Zoom call with them to pick it out because everything was shut down. When it arrived, it needed zero alterations. She called it her “dream dress” and it really was perfect. 

Add in some confetti, a show-stopping champagne pop and you have one of my favorite weddings of the 10 years I’ve been shooting them. 

Congrats to Katlynn and Matthew! 

Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2591.jpg Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2592 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2592 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2592 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2596 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2597 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2598 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2599 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2600 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2601 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2602 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2603 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2604 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2605 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2606 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2607 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2608 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2609 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2610 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2611 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2612 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2613 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2614 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2615 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2616 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2617 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2618 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2619 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2620 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2621 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2595 Katlynn-and-Matthew-Lexington-Wedding-Jacqueline-Jordan-Photography2623


Dress: Aisle and Veil, Atlanta 

Cake & Catering: Sweet Lilus 

Florals: Bel Air Florist

Rings: Kay Jewelers, Rogers Jewelers

Shoes: Rifle Paper Co. for Keds

Wedding Nails: Flourish and Bloom

Watercolor Portrait: Wood And Watercolor


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