How to postpone your wedding

If you’ve decided to postpone your wedding, or you’re thinking you might have to – I can relate. We’ve postponed our April wedding until things in the world go right-side-up again, and it can be tricky to navigate. You want to get married asap, but you want the day you dreamed of. You don’t want to scrap everything you’ve planned, but there are new circumstances. I get it. 

As a wedding photographer and former event planner, I know all those details that make up your big day and how important they are. Here are some tips to help you through this tricky time.

Let your guests know

This part hurt deep in my heart, but you have to let all your friends and family know what is going on. With the world being upside down, they probably know it’s coming. I suggest calling the people you’re closest to and giving them the news – think grandparents, great aunt, etc. Then, if you have email addresses for everyone invited, send a mass email to them letting them know you’re changing the date and you’ll let them know the new one ASAP. You can also post your news on social media (after you call those super-important guests), but remember that everyone might not see it. 

Contact your venue

Your venue is probably your most important vendor, and the hardest to reschedule, so start there. Let them know the situation and find out what other dates they have open. They may have the majority of their 2020 Saturdays booked, but there’s nothing that says a Friday or Sunday wedding can’t be just as great. 

Some of our local venues, like White Chateau, are even putting together special packages and elopement days for couples who have to change up their wedding day. 

Reach out to your vendors

Next, reach out to all your vendors – your photographer, caterer, florist, etc. – with your potential new dates and see when they’re available. Remember, some of them will likely be booked for your new date, but hopefully your most priority ones will have similar availability. 

Choosing your new date

After seeing what dates are open, pick a new one that feels comfortable to you. Do this by checking your calendars against vacations and holidays and asking: 

  • When are we available?
  • When are our families available?
  • When is our venue available?
  • When is our photographer available?
  • When are other important vendors available?

Ideally, that will land you on one or two dates! 

Formally tell your guests 

If you’re already sent out your invites and your new date is still in 2020, look into sending digital invitations or announcements. 

If you’re postponing to next year, you have time to send a “change the date” card and a new invitation. 

Lauren Fitzmaurice  of Renmade Calligraphy says to remember that some things don’t hinge on your date, so you can go ahead and get your invitation envelopes or signage made and have them for when you’re ready! 

It’s all in the details 

One big concern I’ve heard a lot is about changing from a spring to a fall wedding, and how that will work with the color palette you’ve chosen. 

Katy from KD Decor says that you can have your colors whenever you want! Those beautiful spring colors can transition into fall with the right shade. Talk to your florist about how to be mindful of the season, but still keep your dream colors. Don’t limit yourself! Check out Katy’s video to talk you through it! 

If you’re changing seasons, you might also be rethinking how your food and cake will fit into the new time period. Laura Hatfield from Paradise Cakes in Newburgh has some great tips for making sure your cake flavors hit the mark. For instance, if you’re changing to a fall wedding from spring or summer, you might consider changing your fruity cake flavor to one that’s more like pumpkin spice. 

She also said there are simple ways to change up your cake size if your guest count is changing with your new date, like changing the number of tiers you have. 

I know it’s rough to reimagine your wedding day after you’ve spent so much time planning it already, but your vendors are here to support you! We’re all rooting for you to have the day of your dreams. 

We’re here for you

Alisha from Dalisha’s Bakery wants you to know that we’re all going to do everything we can to make your dreams come true! 

Watch below to hear from each of the vendors mentioned above!


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