Celebrate your original date!


Most of us with awesome spring wedding plans are all in the same boat — making awesome some-other-time wedding plans. There’s nothing that says you can’t do a little something special on your original date, though! 

I’ve teamed up with Alisha Hardison, owner of Dalisha’s Bakery, to share some ideas for making memories on your would-be wedding day. 


Obviously, weddings and cakes go together. What sweeter way to celebrate than by eating a little cake! Reach out to your cake designer and see if they can make you a mini cake. If that’s not an option, you could even spend an afternoon making a cake with your fiance, and enjoy it that evening. 

Dress Up & Order In

We’re all stuck inside, but what better excuse to get a little dressed up? Make your evening a special one by ordering in your favorite (or fanciest) dinner, lighting some candles and sharing a romantic night. 

First Dance

Push your furniture out of the way, crank your first dance song all the way up and have an intimate first dance.


If you’re feeling really sentimental, take a moment and recite your vows to one another. Or if you want to save your vows for your ceremony, write some fun ones to share on your original date. Fill them full of inside jokes, things you wouldn’t say in front of your guests and things that make you smile. 


Check out this video from Alisha for more ideas! 


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